Parts Description

Pudi (Muchige): The upper covering of tabla and dagga, this is made out of goat leather.

Syahi: The black spots on the tabla. Made of a dried paste derived from iron filings and applied in several separate layers to the head of the drum. Known as ‘karani’ in kannada.

Keenar: The outer ring of skin on the head of each of the two tabla drums.Around one inch in size at the edge of the muchige In Hindi, known as the chaat.Taaki or Chaati in kannada (ಚಾಟಿ)

Lao (Lava/Maidan) – The area between the syahi and the keenar.

Gajara(Indi,Jade): After the keenar of tabla/dagga made of a thin leather bar weaved in a zig -zag manner. This is used to fix the tabla muchige on the drum. Also used for fine and sensitive tuning of the instrument.

BaarThis is thick leather made of buffalo skin. A single un-cut thread is weaved around the tabla. This controls the tension in the muchige.

Padaga(Khod): The wooden drum in tabla and the metallic part in the dagga. Typically made from Sheesham(Indian rosewood), its size varies from 10– 12 inch in height and 4-7 inches in mouth diameter. Dagga size varies from 10-11 inch in height and mouth diameter of 9-10 inches.

Gudari: It is a ring made from leather. It is found at the bottom of the instrument.

Ghatta – Wooden dowels used to control the tension.

Simbe(Chutta) – The cushions used when placing the tabla. This balances the tabla and keeps the instrument in place